Why do you throw away trash on roadside?



Hi there. I’m Luke.

Today, I’d like to share with you about a strange point I noticed in Philippines compared with in Japan.

I have often seen Filipino throw away garbage on roadside.


A day I saw girls who are like high school students were walking roadside with drinking PET juice or a drink, and suddenly a girl of them threw it away which she drank up. I really surprised when I saw the scene coz in Japan there are no JK (Joshi Kousei; female student of high school) who does like that.

In Japan, we don’t have so enough garbage bin around street corner compared with other big city overseas. Although it is said by many foreign tourists, more garbage bin should be put outside.

Why is a number of garbage bin outside very few in Japan?


Since a long time ago, we Japanese are taught that “people have to bring home their trash.” This lesson was based on environment beautification activity. This is virtue as us, still now (maybe). 

However, a number of tourists is increasing. They do not that lesson, so they will look for trash bin in order to cast their garbage, but there are a few. So they may throw those away on roadside.

We should save our environment and also keep cleanliness of our city. So we should put more bins outside in order tourists not to throw their trash away on roadside.

Please do not throw your trash away on roadside.

Many tourists feel bad when they see that scene even if they understand the culture here is different from their own country’s culture. 

I hope Filipino alter their mind in order to fit a next stage of sightseeing country.   


[Appendix] Japanese Lesson: Don’t “PoiSute.”


He is doing Poisute.

Poi stands for a sound of throw away something, and “Sute” is a nun form of “Steru” which means to abandon.  



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